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Sponsor Benefits

The Drupal Center of Excellence (DCOE) was created to help celebrate, promote, and encourage excellence in Drupal. We do this because Drupal creates economic opportunities for people around the world and we want to support this thriving community.

We, at the DCOE, pursue our goals by recognizing Drupal professionals for their contribution and impact in the Drupal community, as well as their qualifications and achievements. We also help by promoting best practices and helping to prepare people to pass Drupal certifications.

If Drupal is important to you and contributes to your livelihood, we encourage you to become a sponsor or contributor. Benefits of sponsorship include:

Recognition and link to URL of your choice

Free job posting

There are two primary ways to contribute:

  • One is through a paid sponsorship.
  • The other is through volunteer work, i.e., help us build new features or develop new content.

Sponsorships expire on an annual basis.

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